I am nearly complete with my Sketchup model of the Tabernacle. All that is left to complete is some component organization within the file itself. This will make the file more user friendly and understandable. As soon as it is finished I will make it available to download. Here is a preview of the model with all the colors. Every single detail of the structure has been researched and meticulously documented. I cannot describe the amount of gospel insight "building" this structure has yielded. Upon completion of the model I have decided to create a website specifically for the tabernacle with all of my research and details of the model. I'll let you know when I have it up and running.Here is the sanctuary itself with only the inner covering shown. There are four coverings over the tabernacle as described in the Old Testament. The inner covering shown here had cherubic embroidery.
This is the sanctuary without any of the coverings. The bottom foundation which you can see was made of pure silver. The "boards" or walls were made of wood overlaid with pure gold. You can also see the bars which helped hold the structure together on the side of the wall. The number of pillars, side bars, ect. is the exact number dictated in the Old Testament. It is an exact scale model, based on the recognized theory of one cubit equalling 18".

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sarters said...

Have you finished the model? I'd love to use it for a walk thru this week, it is by far the most complete sketchup version out there.