In the summer of 2006, I discovered a candidate by the name of Ron Paul via YouTube videos. After reading the book "The Creature From Jekyll Island", the author recommended this person as a candidate for President of the United States. That book was the one that changed my entire political outlook and view of the government.

After watching speeches given by Ron Paul in congress, I was astonished to hear someone speaking fervently about the things I had recently learned. I voted for Ron Paul in the Republican primary in California recently. I had to register as a Republican to vote for Ron, and then immediately after the election, I changed my political affiliation back to what is was before, nothing.

In my opinion there is almost no difference between the two major political parties which run our nation. In my opinion, the vast majority of the people in the United States of America have a greater allegiance to their political party than to their nation. Our first President warned us of the dangers of political parties and the factions they would create.

When I told people I was voting for Ron Paul, nearly everyone laughed and told me I was wasting my vote. This last primary election however, was the first time in my life I had ever voted FOR someone. Since I turned 18, I have voted in every single election without ever having voted FOR a candidate. How is that possible? Previously I had always voted AGAINST someone. In 2004, I didn't want John Kerry to win, while at the same time I really wasn't happy with President Bush. So I voted against Kerry, not for President Bush.

It is my belief that an overwhelming majority of people in the United States do the same thing. We vote against people, not FOR them. Ron Paul was the first candidate I felt truly inspired by and actively participated in helping him become elected.

I have made a decision in my life: never again will I cast my sacred vote AGAINST a candidate, only FOR a candidate. If everyone else decides to do the same, the candidates we have to choose from might be of a higher caliber. Instead of debating tire pressure or the misspoken words of the candidates, the real issues of monetary policy, foreign policy, and the constitution might be discussed.

By voting AGAINST the other candidate, Americans are left with the lowest common denominator to choose from. I still look back at the 2004 election and thought, is Kerry or Bush really the best the USA has? Please take more time to study constitution, freedom, monetary policy, and foreign policy. Turn off the TV more often and study subjects that will impact the future of our nation. Your children and grandchildren will thank you!

Here is a short 3 minute video of some of the issues eroding our personal liberty:

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Carissa said...

I hear ya, Ron Paul was the first candidate we ever donated money to. I would NEVER have thought of doing that before because I always thought it was such a waste. In 2004 we had a friend introduce us to the Constitution Party, so we voted that way and it was truly the first time voting FOR something and actually having the candidate come really close to representing our beliefs.

It amazes me that so many good people I talk to think it's just impractical to vote outside of the 2 major parties, even when there is something better out there. What does our vote mean anymore? Is it just a popularity contest where we want our vote to be for the "winner"? Is the lesser of two evils not evil enough that we are content in helping it rise to power while the best candidates get ignored?

I used to worry about how to use my vote but after studying and praying long and hard about it, I am totally a believer of voting on PRINCIPLE. If I do my part and the nation crumbles, I cannot feel guilty.