Become a Jr. IRS Agent!

Most everyone these days is looking to earn a little money wherever they can. Here is a great "ethical" way to make some money on the side, become a Junior IRS Agent and help the IRS continue to violate the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution.

With no experience or moral values needed, you can make some money and help the government. The IRS recently published form 733 which helps you make money by snitching out your employer, friends, acquaintances, and even close relatives for suspected tax evasion!

The day I turn anyone in for income tax evasion is the day pigs fly!

Here is a little snippet from the recruiting document put out by the IRS.


Jason said...

I tried to send this to you through your Contact Me link but I don't know if worked.
Hey Gabe, i just watched a movie that you may be interested in. It was "Good Night and Good Luck". It is a docudrama directed by George Clooney. It chronicles the single mission of two CBS newscasters, Fred Friendly and Ed Murrow against Senator Joseph McCarthy who was on a one man mission to eradicate Communism in the US, using lies and fear. Despite the main story of a government official usurping his power for the suppossed "good" of the nation, the opening and closing monologue of Ed Murrow illustrates the power television and media have and how it can lead to complacency of the people. The monologues and the special feature interviews talk about the responsibility of the media as well as the people. Check it out and let me know what you thought. Another great movie and book that teaches integrity and morality is Charles Dickens "Nicholas Nickelby".

Gabriel said...

Thanks Jason, I will give it a look and let you know when I have seen it. My favorite movies are political dramas, and that movie sounds like it is right up my alley. I'll check out Nicholas Nickelby as well.

Jason said...

Here's another one you may enjoy then. "Breach". It's about the biggest bust of an CIA agent that was a traitor.