Glen Back made quite a staggering presentation which showed our nations creation of money out of thin air. (See the YouTube video below). Unfortunately the large storm on the horizon does not alter the course of those in charge of monetary policy.

According to a recent L.A. Times article, over 65,000 factories have closed down in China, and 100,000 are expected to be closed by the end of the year. That is a lot of people without work!

Another incredible development in the world comes from a report issued by the United States Joint Forces Command, the report states that "in terms of worst-case scenarios for the Joint Force and indeed the world, two large and important states bear consideration for a rapid and sudden collapse: Pakistan and Mexico." [1] Pakistan has nuclear weapons, and is danger of sudden collapse! Mexico has been increasingly entrenched in a bloody drug war, with drug cartels coming out in near open rebellion against the government. These are some crazy times in the world!

[1] Joint Operating Environment (JOE 2008), p. 40.

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