Not less than one day in office, and Obama has made some initial signs that he plans to repeal the Defense of Marriage act that was enacted by President Clinton. Obama plans to "extend more that 1,000 federal marriage benefits and adoption rights to homosexual couples."

The new www.whitehouse.gov website changed at exactly 12:01 pm yesterday, the moment Obama was sworn in. The site’s “Civil Rights” section lists a number of items long on the homosexual agenda, including expanding federal hate-crimes laws, repealing the ban on homosexuals in the military and extending the definition of workplace discrimination to include sexual orientation.

It should be pointed out that under hate crime laws, killing another person because of their race, religion, or sexual orientation is only worse because of your thoughts. For example: you would receive a punishment if you killed someone to steal their purse. But if you killed someone to steal their purse because they had homosexual desires, you should be punished more extensively.

So Obama wants to enact laws to expand the role of the "thought police". Isn't committing a crime against someone bad enough? What difference does it make what the person's race, gender, sexual orientation, or hairstyle is? Don't commit crimes against other people!

Based on the website, Obama plans to do the following:

1. Expand and increase the size of our military. (Guaranteeing America's involvement in future foreign wars).
2. Using government intervention to stimulate the economy and create jobs. (The government could achieve 100% employment today by paying anyone without a job to dig holes in the earth and then cover them back up.)
3. Use taxpayer funds to create nationalized computer health records for the health care industry. (If that was so critical to the health care industries success, they would have done it themselves.)
4. Use taxpayer funds to create universal pre-school in all states under the "0 to 5" plan. (The earlier the government can teach you that the state is god, the easier it will be to rule you as you grow up.)
5. Make math and science education a national priority. (Introduce tort reform so that lawyers don't make as much money for suing everyone for everything. If lawyers don't make as much people will start going to school again to become engineers instead.)
6. Expand High-Quality Afterschool Opportunities by doubling main federal support for afterschool programs. (Soon you will not have to take care of your children at all! The government will do it for you!)
7. Use excessive taxpayer funds through income redistribution (aka communism) to invest in new sources of clean energy, tax credits for car purchases, and catalysts for private inventions. (Nearly all useful inventions that we use on a daily basis came from people who did not receive government grants, i.e. the airplane, television, computers, air conditioning, medicine before the government became involved, etc.)

The list of what Obama plans to due with monies acquired by the treasury department under coercion, is extensive. I invite you to see for yourself by visiting Obamas website at:


The plan he proposes is merely a more extensive use of socialism than George W. Bush. No matter what your political affiliation is, this plan is not sustainable. It might last Obama's presidency, and perhaps the next Presidents, but it will come crashing down.

I do not honestly believe that the standard of living for my two daughters is going to be better than mine when they are my age. Any hard working person in the future and today under this plan is going to have their wages seized from them so they can pay for people who work for the government digging "holes in the earth".

The freedoms won in the American Revolution in 1776 have been lost. The Founding Fathers of our nation revolted against the very system of tyrannical government under which we now live. The founders and creators of the Constitution rejected the very type of government under which we now live.

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Preacherdan said...

Obama clearly leaves Biblical reading up to others, Sodom and Gomorah were destroyed Why? Noah's Son Ham was cursed for not being shamed at the nakedness of his father. Romans 1:27 and following condemns those who replace men for women in closeer relationships. Thus, it can be implied immoral for women to replace other women for men. We must not stand idle while others "redefine" important, fundamental human necessity.