The tabernacle truly is a model of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The physical acts required by the ordinances of the Law of Moses while in the tabernacle pointed to Jesus Christ. Recently I discovered a free 3D rendering program called Google SketchUp. Using the program I created a scaled model of the Tabernacle. I plan to write a lot about the Tabernacle in the coming months using the model created as a pictorial reference. The pictures here are a preview of the creation.

You should be able to click on the picture itself to obtain a higher resolution. The SketchUp program has allowed me (with almost no drafting experience) to create a scale model of the Tabernacle based on the description of the structure found in Exodus 25-28, and 30. I have taken great care to every detail, i.e. the dimensions, the number of pillars, posts, size of the vessels, ect. In creating the model, I have learned a great deal about the principles and ordinances of the gospel.

The picture above is of the Holy Place, the roof or covering having been removed. You can see from the picture the different materials that went into the actual tabernacle. The five pillars in the front had capitals of silver, and were overlaid with gold. Inside the Holy Place you can see my renderings of the Table of Shewbread (with twelve loaves), the Golden Candlestick, and the Altar of incense. The veils of the temple were not white as depicted here, as I am still researching amongst many sources to find the most accurate rendition.

This is a close up of the Table of Shewbread. The finishing touches yet to be applied are the spoons, and vases of wine that were placed on the table along with the twelve loaves. This program is in 3D which allows you to rotate around the object and view it from every conceivable angle. My plan is to discuss all aspects of the Tabernacle and its symbolism of the restored Gospel.

This is a monochrome X-Ray rendering of the exterior of the Tabernacle without the roof or covering. I have tried to be as accurate as possible in the rendering of this sacred structure. The whole purpose of the Tabernacle was to point Israel to the Lord God, and point the way in how they might return to His presence. The symbolisms of the Tabernacle to the Restored Gospel are undeniable. True Liberty can be achieved by adhering to the commandments and ordinances of the Lord. The Tabernacle teaches people the way.

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