To all those who received an email from me earlier about the 16th Amendment, it might have been somewhat of a surprise to suddenly hear from me about that subject matter. If you received an email, it came from a blog that I started:


I included you on an email listing so that every time I post something new, you will receive an email of what was written. If you don't want to receive the emails just let me know. For me the best way to learn, is to teach. The subjects I write in the blog are the things I am most passionate about. My audience is intended to be myself. In writing the arguments I learn about my own understanding of the subject matter and gain knowledge.

Next time you receive an email about a post I have made to the blog, if you want, visit the blog at the link above to leave a comment, point out a weakness in my argument, or share a different opinion! I love to learn, and writing about these things helps me to gain knowledge. It is a little hobby of mine.



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