This video is congressional testimony offered by Congressman Mike Rogers. It provides a chilling example about what our government overlords leaders are attempting to thrust upon us. It is about four minutes long.

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CauseAndEffectPost said...

Well stated overall. I'm not sure what his total position is on the way healthcare is currently - which I would argue has very little that's "private" or "free" about it - but he does well pointing out the horrors of the totalitarian system that we're about to enact.

Healthcare was destroyed by government decades ago with their construction of the current "insurance" based system of care. When Medicare was thrown on top you put the whole system into a perpetual state of inflation, quality decline, and shortage. Government restricts the amount of new medical schools, regulates the amount of licensed practitioners, and then dictates through the FDA what "truths" are to be adhered to in order for physicians to keep their license. It's corruption from top to bottom.

The healthcare/government complex has overtaken the military/industrial complex as the greatest destroyer of human liberty in this country.