This video left me speechless. It was aired on C-SPAN back in 2007, but I seriously doubt any improvements have been made in the quality of elected officials since then.

John Murtha D-Penn is an insult to the democratic process. This person helps make laws that govern what you do in your life. If this does not make you angry, then you do not seriously care about the future of the United States of America.

Why anyone wants to give elected officials more power and authority is beyond me.

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Causeandeffectpost said...

Murtha's a typical specimen when it comes to Washington and government in general, which is why I'm finding harder and harder each day to justify a "government's" very existence. The fact is that Ron Paul is an anomaly in the whole history of this nation.

Murtha occasionally speaks truth to power when it comes to the illegal and immoral wars we're waging but just like everyone else in that rat hole on the Potomac, (Ron Paul being the exception) he's all too willing to compromise principle for political expediency. When that results in innocent people needlessly dying, he and the rest of em are in fact guilty of murder as far as I'm concerned.