My apologies for not posting for quite awhile. After seeing all that has transpired, and is continuing to transpire within our government, I feel we have passed a point of no return. The blessings of freedom and government restraint are a fading memory. There is little evidence to suggest that we are a free people.

For example, each person in the United States of America who pays income tax, is a slave. If you think that statement is radical, consider the consequence of not paying income taxes. If you do not pay, you will find out who owns you.

There is no more private property in the United States of America. If you do not pay your property tax, you will find out very fast who actually owns your house.

We no longer have a representative government. We are becoming increasingly governed by men, instead of by law. History is filled with countless examples of the horrible things that can happen when we are governed by men and not law. This fact should send chills through your spine. If it does not, I hope the wool which covers your body is comfortable.

Representative Michelle Bachman, R Minnesota, details the current state of our gangster government. She gives a very powerful presentation on the floor of the House of Representatives [sic].

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